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  • 概要
    • 建築工人是在建築工人小屋中的工人。
    • 他們可以昇級、建造和重新安置建築物,也可以昇級你的英雄
    • 他可以移除各種障礙
    • 一個建築工人只能同時建行一項工作。

  • Tips
    • Always use your gems on builders first rather than resources or finishing an upgrade. Be patient.
    • Putting your Builders on the corners of your base may slow down the attacker and let you have a better chance of winning. However, it also allows them to be destroyed with single troops (if your attacker remembers to look for them), which may make the difference between a 50% victory and a 49% loss.

  • Appearance
    • Wears a yellow-brown aviator hat. (Similar to the Wall Breaker's)
    • Brown leathery pants.
    • Has a golden tooth.
    • Cheesy smile.
    • Blue eyes.
    • Appears bald.

Resting Builder
  • Trivia
    • Both the Villagers and Builders run to the Town Hall when the village is under attack.
    • You start the game with one Builder, but you are forced to buy another in the tutorial. More can be bought with Gems.
    • You can have a maximum of 5 Builders.
    • When a builder is inactive, small z's will appear from the roof of his house signaling that the builder is resting and is available to be assigned to an upgrade.
    • They can upgrade anything but Troops if you have enough resources and your Town Hall is high enough.
    • When builders are not working, they will be in the Builder's Hut.
    • Like Villagers, Builders cannot be upgraded.
    • A builder runs with his hammer in his right hand, but builds and removes obstacles using it in his left hand.
    • It is actually possible to get the 5th Builder for free although it does take a while.
    • You do not need a Builder to add Decorations or Traps.
    • When the Builder is running, it moves as fast as a Goblin, and when walking, it moves as fast as a Barbarian.
    • The Builder does not always go to the same Builder's Hut it came out of.
    • If the player moves an inactive Builder's Hut, a Builder will be seen lying down on the spot where the hut used to be (but not actually sleeping). In older versions, the Builder is not seen lying down when the hut is moved; instead, there will be a dark spot of the Builder's shadow.
    • The Builder is not able to upgrade troops.
    • When the Builder is upgrading something,it takes him 1 minute to create 88 strikes of his hammer on the building.
    • Two builders can be seen in the "Fort Knobs" village, despite there being no builder huts.

  • Prices
    • 1st Builder Hut - You already have this Builder at the start of the game
    • 2nd Builder Hut - 250 gems (However you are forced to purchase this builder)
    • 3rd Builder Hut - 500 gems
    • 4th Builder Hut - 1000 gems
    • 5th Builder Hut - 2000 gems